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Red Rock Fire was established in 1996 in Tower, MN, as a wildfire suppression company.  Over the years, it grew with the increased demands for equipment and firefighters in the wildland urban interface.

In 2008, the need for an all-hazard resource with a background in construction and ICS became apparent.  Red Rock Companies then evolved and was now located in Forest Lake, MN, with a staff of 65 and an array of owned equipment.

In 2016, Red Rock Fire became a Minnesota Native Landscapes company, headquartered in Otsego, MN. With this change came an increase in our services offered, and our capabilities to perform prescribed burning in MN while still offering our diverse Emergency Management services year round.

With the new partnership, Red Rock Fire began utilizing prescribed burning, not only for fuel reduction in the environment, but also to expand into ecological restoration. Currently the company is working in tandem with Minnesota Native Landscapes in several native prairie restoration projects.

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