• One MarshMaster MM2 with fire suppression tanks.
  • One MM2 – LX Cutter attachment.
  • One chemical spraying tank attachment.
  • Amphibious.
  • Low ground pressure (1psi) allows for minimal impact on sensitive wetlands.
  • Ecological Restoration
    • Invasive Plant management: Phragmites, cattails, wet willow stands, etc.
      • MM2-LX Cutter
        • 76” swaths
          • Cuts grass, thick brush, and small trees up to 2” diameter
    • Chemical Herbicide Spraying
    • Seeding in difficult to access and difficult to traverse areas
  • Prescribed Fire and Fire Suppression
    • 2: 55 gallon tanks, 20 GPM at approximate distance of 35 feet
    • Suction hose to draw water from any available water source
    • Quick and easy firebreaks (with cutter) and wet lines
    • Reduce fuels in the environment and the potential for wildfires
    • Increase the health of the ecosystem through new growth. Prescribed fire releases substantial nutrients into the soil, promotes germination of fire reliant plant species, and can eliminate invasive plants and their seeds. In turn, it also gives a boost to wildlife in the area.
    • Fire suppression in difficult to get to locations, if a wildfire breaks out in swampy wetland areas, with the ability to pull water from the environment around us if needed.
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