Safety is the key to our success – our firefighters are our most valuable asset.

Since the start of Red Rock Fire, the equipment and personnel have been held to the highest standards in the industry.  Red Rock Fire has been on numerous fires across our nation and has been a “go to” resource for many agencies.  Our firefighters have experiences in many different disciplines that become a valuable asset to any incident.  Our team members (NWCG) qualifications range from Fire Fighter II to Task Force level. With our certified instructors in: Wildfire and Emergency Management, our staff has the opportunity to be versatile and annually refreshed.

Prescribed Burning

  • Fuels reduction in the landscape
  • Tree and brush removal
  • Herbicide spraying
  • Invasive plants control
  • Ecological Restoration

Wildfire Suppression 

  • Respond to wildland fires nation wide
  • First Responder trained staff
  • NREMT certified EMT’s

Emergency Management Services

  • National Incident Management System
  • Emergency operations planning
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Flood Control operations
  • Resource Allocation
  • Debris Management and Resource Management
  • Safety, equipment operations and accountability procedures
  • General Contracting
  • Emergency snow removal, and snow melting.

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