Type III Engine

  • One Type 3 Engine.
  • This truck is a multi use truck and is also rated as: Engine Type 4, Tac.Tender Type 2, Sup.Tender Type 3.

The NWCG categorizes information on fire apparatus into logical groups and provides common options often requested by fire managers. The Incident Command System (ICS) uses this system based on the equipment capability. The table below shows NWCG minimum performance requirements for structure and, wildland engine resource types. Additional information for required crew training and equipment recommendations can be found at the position catalog.

RequirementsType 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 5Type 6Type 7
Tank minimum capacity (gal)30030050075040015050
Pump minimum flow (gal/min)1,00050015050505010
Tank minimum capacity (gal)30030050075040015050
At rated pressure (psi)150150250100100100100
Hose: 2½-inch1,2001,000N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Hose: 1½-inch505001,000300300300N/A
Hose: 1-inchN/AN/A500300300300200
Ladders per NFPA 1901YesYesN/AN/AN/AN/A50N/A
Master stream 500 gal/min.YesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Pump and rollN/AN/AYesYesYesYesYes
Maximum GVWR (lb)N/AN/AN/AN/A26,00019,50014,000
Personnel (minimum)4332222
N/A = Not applicable

NFPA = National Fire Protection Association

GVWR = Gross vehicle weight rating


  1. All types shall meet Federal, state, and agency requirements for motor vehicle safety standards, including all gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) when fully loaded.
  2. Type 3 engines and tactical water tenders shall be equipped with a foam proportioner system.
  3. All water tenders and engine Types 3 through 6 shall be able to prime and pump water from a 10-foot lift.
  4. Personnel shall meet the qualification requirements of NWCG’s NIMS Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1.

Common Additional Needs for Engines and Tenders (Request As Needed)

  • All-wheel drive (includes four-wheel drive)
  • High-pressure pump (250 psi at one-half flow of Type)
  • Foam proportioner
  • Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) 40 ft3/min minimum
  • Additional personnel

*This information was pulled from the NWCG website: https://www.nwcg.gov/publications/pms200/engines

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